The $2,400 Government Grant

Why you need to take advantage of the free money for your marketing: 

 If you are an entrepreneur, you know that marketing is one of the most important components to make your business successful.  And one of the most expensive. At Vancouver Entrepreneur we have interviewed hundreds of founders and co-founders on our podcast that wish they had more money for marketing so they could further build their brands and get more sales. But as you can imagine, that takes time and money, considering that most start-ups don’t have a lot of either one.  That is why the (believe it or not) the federal government wants to give you some free cash to put towards your online marketing efforts.  They know you need it, so go get it!

Canadian businesses are falling behind with online marketing

 The Canadian government did extensive global research and found that Canada ranks as one of the lowest countries for businesses to adopt an online marketing strategy and execution plan compared to other countries and international markets. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. So, they have a financial solution to help the small businesses in this country…and you get to benefit. And that is the $2,400 marketing grant.

When you Grow so does the country. That’s why they are giving it away.

Now most of you are thinking right about now, “what’s the catch?”  Here’s the Canadian government giving away free money and they want to give it to me?  Yes, you read that right, if you have a legitimate business with at least one employee and a minimum of $30,000 in annual revenue…you are eligible to get the free cash. The only catch is that you must spend the $2,400 grant on your web presence or online marketing, like Web site development/design, SEO or PPC.  More on that later.

How you can get some of that grant money and make it work for you

The application process is actually easy, and it only takes a few minutes to apply. To make it quick and save you time, you can contact a marketing agency and they will be able to help you with the paperwork. If they don’t know what the grant is…then you might want to work with one that does so you can move forward and get the free marketing dollars.

Here is your chance to spend marketing money you might not have and play with house money.  Marketing is expensive and why not get some new customers and revenue courtesy of the Canadian government.  You pay enough in taxes, so get some of that back. It’s a grant, not a loan…you don’t have to pay it back!

Time to make your move

Find out more and get the $2,400 grant working for you, so that you can use it for your website or online marketing.  Use it for lead generation and acquire new customers.

How can you start online lead generation?

PPC is short for “pay per click” when you bid for keywords (on Google) and SEO is search engine optimization for your website so people can find you and buy your products and services. This includes mobile devices, when people are searching for you on their phones or tablets.

Both are based on keywords people type into google or other search engines and your business comes up.

For example, “I’m looking for a local plumber”. Then your local plumber, who is using the right SEO practices, will come up first and the click is made to call…and buy.

No need for the Yellow Pages anymore.

We are here to help you get the free cash ($2,400 government grant)

 Contact Vancouver entrepreneur today and they will be happy to help you get the free money from the government and get it working for you.  It usually takes about 15 minutes once you have the documents ready.

Call 1-866-306-9861 now and we’ll set you up for success.

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