About Us


Vancouver entrepreneur is the new premier networking event and marketing company made for the local entrepreneur who knows networking is critical to any business. With ongoing events, marketing opportunities and a podcast to interview your company management, Vancouver entrepreneur is the ideal place to showcase your business and brand. And it’s the only networking event company with a popular podcast network to give you international coverage and exposure around the world.

Established in 2015, Vancouver entrepreneur will take your personal brand and company to a level you’ve been trying to achieve but needed that one place to make it come alive. Come join us at one of our networking events, promote your company and achievements….and quite simply get out there in the marketplace. The world needs to see and know who you are and your company so you can build and grow personally and professionally.


Robert Szmigiel’s Bio

Robert is an international marketing manager who started the Vancouver Entrepreneur to provide a platform for individual entrepreneurs to tell their story. His background is mainly in technology and starting companies that provide value to the marketplace. He is the founder of Canada’s Podcast, the number one podcast for Entrepreneurs throughout the country. Robert is a graduate of San Jose State University.

Jay’s Bio

Jay Rana is the co-founder of Vancouver Entrepreneur. An active investor, he has an extensive business background in Alberta and B.C. He has primarily focused on the real estate, private equity, technology and education industry. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and build meaningful connections. He is a graduate of University of Calgary and UBC. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis and traveling.