Annalea is a social entrepreneur and two time founder with a passion to bring natural products to the masses! She started her first company ethicalDeal (a “Green Groupon” like site) at 25 years old and sold it five years later. At age 30, Annalea launched Social Nature with a new approach, introducing people to natural products through social media reviews. Annalea believes the future of marketing is peer-to-peer and is excited to harness the power of consumer influence to inspire people. Enjoy the interview! Download this episode (right click and save)



Nelson has been a well known entrepreneur in Vancouver for over 40 years. Nelson found his way from engineering into the real estate business, conducting high-risk deals through the 70s and 80s that took him from billionaire to bankruptcy and back again. He has owned Sawmills, breweries, art galleries, theme parks, motorcycles, mineral companies, renewable energy and water research companies, plastic companies, 7 restaurants, 9 hotels and 10 different sports teams and is known for signing 17 year-old Wayne Gretzky to his first professional hockey contract in the World Hockey Association. He loves the excitement, variety and education that comes with being an entrepreneur. Download this episode (right click and save)



Arran was born in 1944 and was raised on Vancouver Island. His parents pioneered sustainable farming in the 1950’s and advised Arran to “leave the earth better than you found it.” After pursuing art and having several successful exhibitions of his paintings in NYC, SF and Vancouver, Arran left for India to study meditation and spirituality with his revered teacher, Sant Kirpal Singh in 1967. Returning seven months later with only $7, a $1,500 loan and blessings, he opened the Golden Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. He returned to India the following year and married his Life-partner Ratana. Together, they began Nature’s Path Foods in 1985, which, after many struggles, became North America’s largest organic breakfast foods company, employing hundreds at three facilities in US & Canada. In an age of sell-outs, Nature’s Path remains fiercely independent and family-owned. Their children and valued team members are carrying on the torch, with Arran and Ratana serving as mentors. Download this episode (right click and save)



Sam is a serial entrepreneur with prior experiences in print, politics, tech and mobile games. He is the founder of V2 Games, a mobile game studio with offices in Vancouver, Canada and New Delhi, India, and has spearheaded projects that have had over 10 million combined downloads on iOS and Android devices. He is also a Director at Immersive Experiences, a Vancouver-based real-world game experiences company, and the Founder of SmartShare Solutions, which aims to create smarter cities through its flagship product Garage, which enables the shared economy for the parking industry. He is a recipient of the 2014 BCBusiness Top 30 under 30 award, and was nominated for the 2015 Top 25 Canadian Immigrant awards. He routinely talks at various startup events and universities around entrepreneurship. Download this episode (right click and save)



Skai graduated with distinction from the Ivey School of Business and Western Engineering programs. He then founded a very successful tour company called Whistler Tasting Tours that has hosted thousands of guests and driven Millions of dollars in revenue. He’s now leveraging his experience to build a digital gift card company, called Guusto (pronounced Goose – toe), that allows users to send thoughtful items – like a drink, a bottle of wine or night at the movies – that can be redeemed at thousands of locations. Download this episode (right click and save)



Today we are with Terry McBride who is the current CEO of YYoga and one of the three founding members of the Nettwerk Music Group, which includes Nettwerk Productions (independent record label), Nettwerk Management (artist and producer management), Nettwerk One (publishing), and Artwerks (graphic and fashion design). Founded in McBride’s apartment in 1984, Nettwerk has corporate offices in Vancouver, Boston, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Hamburg and London. Since 1984, Nettwerk has released over 500 albums and sold over 150 million copies worldwide. Download this episode (right click and save)



Neil is an experienced technology entrepreneur with a background in real estate. Born in the United Kingdom, Neil has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14, running his parent’s corner grocery store while still in school, and then later opening his first business, a car garage. He has founded a number of successful businesses in Canada and overseas and has provided advisory service to businesses of all sizes on financial management. He has held senior management roles for over 20 years, and CEO for over 10 years. Neil is currently the Founder and CEO of Kabuni, an omni-channel marketplace for designers, makers and clients in the home design space. He is a family man and an avid cricket fan. Download this episode (right click and save)



Bosco Anthony is a digital strategist and storyteller. His background in the corporate sector provides wisdom on thought leadership, business growth and critical thinking ideology. Bosco spends much time on research, trends and is an idea rebel at heart. He is recognized for his mentorship, entrepreneur spirit and passion for strategy. Bosco thrives in a collaborative playground and is known for being an influence to the business and digital community. Download this episode (right click and save)



Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, and he’s a Speaker, Business Coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. Before founding ManTalks, Connor pursued his passion as an Opera singer which allowed him to sing in Europe, China and North America. He then went on to work with the largest company in the world, Apple, leading high performance sales and operations teams. Connor currently runs ManTalks which has expanded to Toronto and Los Angeles. ManTalks supports men who are looking to achieve greatness in their life by connecting them with like minded individuals and giving them the tools to grow their desired area of life. Connor also recently spoke at the TEDx Stanley Park event at the Queen Elizabeth theatre.Download this episode (right click and



Jonathan Becker from Thrive Digital started his first business at the early age of 18. Now running Thrive Digital located in Vancouver, this is his fourth venture and the company has well-known clients ranging from Lululemon, Uber, Whistler Blackcomb, Basecamp and Meetup.com. The company currently builds and manages all aspects of their client’s online advertising campaigns. Jonathan’s approach to marketing is simple; he likes to focus heavily on results and scale online advertising based on detailed data analysis, bottom-line performance, and creative strategies. Download this episode (right click and save)