The legendary Gary Bizzo from The Bizzo Management Group and provides you with The BC Weekly Business Report.  On what’s going on in our Province. Every week we bring you all up to date with new ventures, investment opportunities, startups, technology, business activities and who’s doing what when it comes highlighting local BC entrepreneurs. All this great weekly business news will inform or may even inspire you to get involved, contact, network or even expand or start your own business. Enjoy the show! Episode #9 Vancouver Entrepreneur:Download this episode (right click and save)

1) Continuing our look at innovative startups in BC, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. has set its sights on revolutionizing education by developing an e-learning platform that marries interactive 3D content, with elements of gamification, and learning techniques based on cognitive neuroscience. From what I can tell using producers, graphic design specialist and local professors this Victoria-based company is educating people using 3D imaging mainly for biology, vets and medicine applications.

2) We talked about Freightera a logistic trucking company that was changing the way people ship a few weeks ago. Switchboard allows dispatchers a seamless way via a smartphone app to communicate with drivers as well as direct customer management. This business is a finalist in the BC New Venture Awards next month.

3) This next one seems like something out of Star Trek. Their aim is to revolutionize operating rooms. NZ Technologies Inc. (NZTech) works in the field of Human-Machine Interaction with specialization in 3D machine vision and learning algorithms. NZTech’s proprietary software and hardware are designed and built in-house at our office in Vancouver TIPSO, is an award-winning Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) device for Interventional Radiologists and surgeons who need to efficiently interact with radiology images in the Operating Room (OR). It is designed by doctors, for doctors, to fit seamlessly in their challenging work environment.

4)VisualPing is a cool little app that monitors any webpage you punch in. It’s a great way to be informed if anything changes to your favorite website and I guess anything that happens on your page like a broken link. You set the interval for a check-in and it notifies you by email.

5)Microdermics says they are the future of drug injections. It is a Vancouver based start-up focused on commercializing a novel hollow microneedle delivery platform targeting the multi-billion biopharmaceutical market. Using this new needle configuration with hundreds of hollow micro needles drugs are injected painlessly and easily even allowing self –injection.

6) I’ve been thinking about buying a drone for my GoPro camera but there seems to be a great deal of new regulations coming out because these little guys are not safe when it comes to airplanes and edge of sight issues. Iris Automation is a perception unit comprised of a camera, computer, and smart software. Together these bring intelligent situational awareness to all levels of drone operation. Iris increases safety and mitigates the risk of extended range, and beyond visual line of sight drone operation, unlocking new markets and opportunities.

7) American tech company Cradlepoint announced it will be opening a new operations centre in Kelowna in the fall. Cradlepoint is a global leader in software-defined 4G LTE network solutions for enterprises and will build its Developer Operations Center in Kelowna. The company also announced it will be hiring a team of engineers to work at the facility. Cradlepoint recently acquired Pertino—a privately-held Silicon Valley company that pioneered the use of software-defined networking (SDN) technology. Cradlepoint is no stranger to the Kelowna area as, before its acquisition, Pertino had a team of experts based in Kelowna.

8) Ever wonder if people really click on your link or you’re your email? Bananatag in Kelowna shows users when their emails are opened, their links are clicked, and the location and device information of the recipient. The service, which offers in-depth metrics, allows users to better interact with their email contacts. Unlike mass-marketing tools for tracking bulk email, Bananatag tracks your individual, daily emails. It is built to be used with any email client.

Weekly Events:

1) On August 26th, Accelerator Okanagan is throwing a summer block party bringing together technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and supporters of the Okanagan tech community.Tacos, beer, wine and cider provided by The Flask Social House (FSH), PLUS non-stop fun activities that include bocce ball, caricatures, and an inflatable jousting arena! Considering the tech hub Kelowna has become this will be fun.

2) Leadsology: The Science Of Being In Demand – Online WebinarThu Aug 184:00 PMIman Aghay (Founder), and Margarette Asis (Assistant Organizer)Learn how to cascade your brand throughout your market place for maximum consistency and effectivenessBasically, it’s effective marketing and you can use it to know, in advance, the likely success of almost all of your marketing efforts

3)Drive sales by Communicating Better with the Opposite Sex, with Sandy ChernoffTuesday, August 23, 20166:00 PM to 9:15 PMG&F Financial Group105-4191 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC (map)4191 Hastings Street is in north Burnaby. The closest intersection is Hastings and Carleton and the closest landmark is the famous Anton’s Pasta Bar. There is lots of free parking and access by bus is easy. Learn from Sandy Chernoff how to communicate more effectively with the opposite sex by appropriately adjusting your communication style to suit the man or woman with whom you are speaking. Highlighting the benefits and shortcomings of gender communication differences and acquire the necessary tools and strategies to deal more effectively with those differences.