The legendary Gary Bizzo from The Bizzo Management Group, who with provides you with the: The BC Weekly Business Report.  On what’s going on in our Province.” Every week we bring you all up to date with new ventures, investment opportunities, startups, technology, business activities and who’s doing what when it comes to highlighting local BC entrepreneurs. All this great weekly business news will inform or may even inspire you to get involved, contact, network or even expand or start your own business. Enjoy the show! Download this episode (right click and save)

1) Traction Conference

The 2016 Traction Conference just finished in Vancouver. Traction brought founders and growth experts from some of the fastest growing tech companies to share insights on optimizing your product to drive growth and revenue. The Huffington post dubbed Traction Conference as “Best in Class for a Single Day Event”. The experts that shared their experience included Hootsuite to Foursquare and Y Combinator (“the world’s most powerful start-up incubator”) to Reddit. If you’re a hitech wanna-be you might consider signing up for next year or the very least getting on their mailing list. 

2) Startup Activity

Canada is climbing the international ranks when it comes to startup activity. According to Startup Genome’s Startup Ecosystem Report 2013, three Canadian cities rank among the top 20 most active startup scenes in the world, with Toronto in 8th and Vancouver following closely behind in 9th. Based on eight criteria; startup output, funding, performance, entrepreneurial mindset, trendsetting, support, talent, and differentiation. Silicon Valley ranked first in every category.


Curiate provides the industry with visibility beyond Nielsen ratings and beyond a media provider’s own subscribers. This platform will provide the entertainment industry with accurate analytics that will include all forms of digital media, from youtube to Netflix and cable. Curiate’s analytics platform analyzes the things viewers ask about/search for and provides deep insight into whom viewers are and what they’re interested in. Watch out Nielsen!

4) Bitcoins

There is a growing market for bitcoins or crypto-currencies. Bitcoins are a digital asset like money that is created by people with sophisticated advanced computers. Vancouver is number 1 in Canada.There is a Meetup just for bitcoins in Vancouver, with 1300 members this is significant. The Georgia Straight magazine says there are over 60 locations in Vancouver where you can use bitcoin inc. ATM’s.You can buy anything from your favorite latte to a condo, it has more range than any credit card.

This accelerator in Victoria provides a structured venture development service designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs. Delivered by VIATEC, the service is based on the definition developed by the BC Innovation Council. The service is designed to help our technology sector reach its maximum potential by supporting our local technology start-ups.

6) GustGust, the Global Platform

GustGust, the Global Platform For Startup Funding, has named Tectoria as a Top 20 Accelerator in the US and Canada (by startups accelerated, full Global report here.)  
Meetups Coming UpVancouver Internet StartupsJune 30, 2016, Webinar | Master the 1 Free Tool Every Tech Startup Needs for Explosive Growth  Anyone in BC is welcome. Victoria BC StartupsJuly 7, Summer 2016 Evening Meetup -This group is for founders of technology startups located in Victoria, BC. 
Events:Small Business BCJuly 6, 2016, BUSINESS MAPPING: DEVELOPING A SMART BUSINESS MODEL, not everyone needs a business plan, sometimes you just need to do some mind-mapping or create a Lean Canvas model 
Networking Events: Step By Step Guide To Building A $100,000 Seminar Business, by Iman AghayTuesday June 28th at Spacekraft in Burnaby at 6:00pm Security for Small Business – Thursday June 30th at 7:30 am – 9677 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC Build your business with Purpose, Mission and Culture, by John NieuwenburgTuesday July 12th at G&F Financial Group’s Mount Pleasant Branch.