The legendary Gary Bizzo from The Bizzo Management Group and provides you with The BC Weekly Business Report.  On what’s going on in our Province. Every week we bring you all up to date with new ventures, investment opportunities, start ups, technology, business activities and who’s doing what when it comes highlighting local BC entrepreneurs. All this great weekly business news will inform or may even inspire you to get involved, contact, network or even expand or start your own business. Enjoy the show!Today Robert interviews Monica McMahen the Marketing Director for Vancouver Start Up Week:Episode #15 Vancouver Entrepreneur:Download this episode (right click and save)Vancouver Startup WeekThis week Robert and I are deep into the Startup scene at the Vancouver Startup Week events. Last night was the BC Innovation Council New Ventures BC Awards:

1) The winner of the $110,000 First Prize Package is … ‪MICRODERMICS. Microdermics hollow microneedle platform provides a proven, painless, and cost-effective means to inject new life into existing therapeutics and vaccines. Microdermics also won the CDRD Life Sciences Prize package.

2) Second Prize package of $60,000 is … Jane Clinic Software, Simple online clinic management software lets you book, chart, schedule, and invoice from anywhere, anytime.

3) Third prize is $35,000 to Iris Automation a high-tech computer vision company working to build revolutionary new ways for industrial drones and unmanned systems to see and navigate the world. Iris also won the BC Resource Industry Prize Package.

4) The winner of the BC Tech Association Innovation Hub prize package is ‪Visualping

5)Vancouver Startup Week launched in November 2014, becoming the first Startup Week of its kind in Canada. Last year, less than a year later, VSW attracted more than 3,000 people to more than 80 different events. This year is bigger and better!

6) This week of startup-focused events is the premier ‘must attend’ venue for the entrepreneur. The venues cover the entire city of Vancouver from 8:30 am to late evening and cover a diverse topic range.

7) The 2-day Hackathon actually started last weekend and went non-stop from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. With a maximum of 5 member teams, a new idea had to be created from scratch and presented on the last day as a completed project. A mean feat to be sure with two hundred teams competing. The winner was PoolR, an app that promotes ride sharing with people who share the same route to work. The first prize of $10,000 made the weekend worthwhile.

8) Beginning Monday, Bill Tam, President & CEO, BC Tech Association moderated a presentation with Brandon Lee, Consul General of Canada in San Francisco on ‘Doing business in Silicon Valley’. From the interest expressed in this years VSW workshops and presentations with overflow crowds, you can feel that entrepreneurs in Vancouver feel Silicon Valley has nothing over the Vancouver startup scene.

9) The variety of workshops and presentations cover every aspect a startup needs from, a topic close to my heart; a startup prenup on how to negotiate the structure of founding teams so everyone is happy, motivated, and feels appropriately rewarded to another Tuesday workshop on how to take on industry giants with disruptive technologies.

10) On Wednesday, Spring, one of Vancouver’s accelerators hosts a workshop on how to keep your equity without becoming diluted. This is always a hot topic and like all the venues, it is filled above capacity. Wednesday also brings out the lawyers to discuss employment law and best practices for startups a topic many startups fail to recognize in the beginning.

11) Thursday turns international with a delegation from Brazil. I know many programmers from Brazil and their intense scene there will surely allow for collaboration with their Vancouver counterparts after their presentation.   A must-attend event for founders and emerging company leaders who want to raise capital from investors is on the agenda for a lunch presentation. Presented by MLT Lawyers, it is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to raise your Seed, Series A, or Series B Financing Rounds.

12) Unrelated to the official Vancouver Startup Week festivities on Thursday, is the 7th Annual Inspire Celebration of Entrepreneurship. INSPIRE, sponsored by Small Business BC, is the province’s largest Small Business Month kick-off event. It features networking, interactive panel sessions and keynotes from industry leaders and government representatives.

13) VSW’s last day starts off with media relations for the startup that, again, many startups fail to do adequately, if at all. It will delve into a new approach to media relations, tight messaging and strategies that will keep your press releases out of the garbage can.

14) Mid-day Friday is a panel discussion with some of the top and most active venture capitalists in Vancouver explaining what they are looking for in a startup and ways to package your company to make it more appealing to investors.

15) As usual each evening at #VSW ends with a Community (pub) crawl sponsored by a local company each night resulting not only in a few relaxed entrepreneurs but many valuable connections through networking.

16) Vancouver Startup Week is an exciting trip into the world of startup entrepreneurs with its’ collaborative workshops, presentations and social networking. It opens the door to the west coast’s Small Business Month in October that celebrates entrepreneurs and all they bring to our economy.