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The legendary Gary Bizzo from The Bizzo Management Group, who with will be providing you with the: The BC Weekly Business Report. On what’s going on in our Province.” Every week we’ll be bringing you all up to date with new ventures, investment opportunities, start ups, technology, business activities and who’s doing what when it comes highlighting local BC entrepreneurs. All this great weekly business news will inform or may even inspire you to get involved, contact, network or even expand or start your own business. Enjoy the show!

Episode #1 Download this episode (right click and save) These businesses are all located in Vancouver and represent product, service to software, from B2B to B2C companies and in various stages of growth. Episode #2: Download this episode (right click and save)

1) Uber-esque business arrives in Vancouver –

ParcelPal –uber for parcels, a new public company

2) Salus Defense –

Personal protection inc. light, bear spray & high decibel sound, selling in US will be in Canada by September

3) Greanwold –

Greanwold’s World is a revenue generating inter- active website for children ages 6 – 11, incorporating a virtual world, video games, apps for all mobile platforms, E-Commerce (books, toys, games, music, clothing) a planned TV series and feature film. – Business Model: Greanwold’s World follows in the footsteps of, a made in BC children’s web-world that sold to Disney in 2008 for $700M. Club Penguin achieved 750,000 paying customers and 12.0M registered users by the end of year 2. Greanwold is also on par with such well known brands as Harry Potter (a series of Greanwold books), Ninja Turtles (good characters – The Minosaurs – fighting evil), Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (funny, edgy characters), Dora the Explorer / Muppets (Educational) and Pokemon / Sponge Bob Square Pants (magical, silly, funny).

4) Freightera –

won the BC innovation award last week. Excellence in Product Innovation – Freightera Logistics Inc.
 Freightera offers an online freight marketplace that makes shipping transparent and easy. It provides instant online access to all-inclusive quotes from hundreds of carriers of all sizes serving over 20,000 communities in North America. Over 1700 manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers use Freightera to instantly find the best rates from reliable carriers in Canada and US, online 24/7. @Freightera

5) BrickClick –

a Vancouver software co working out of SpaceKraft in Burnaby. This is the future of retail. A Single, Scalable Consolidated retail management Solution Cowork spaces – SpaceKraft offers incredible daily/monthly rental. Whether you’re: a founder of a tech start-up, a freelancer or contractor, or a remote employee, coworking brings the benefits of community and collaboration in an office space that you make yours.

6) Fabswapp –

A local BC mobile app company located in Burnaby that is really catching on with their technology. They have an app that swapps good quality used clothes for free. They caught the eye of the Discovery Channel. They will be featured on the Discovery Channel’s Newswatch on Friday June 24th next week. So, if you’re looking for something for Father’s Day this weekend check out

The more I look at new businesses in BC,
the more I realize this province is a haven for hi-tech business innovation.
The diversity is exciting!

1) Riipen

was founded by students for students. It’s a LinkedIn for students. The resume is dead. How it works- Students join the system and apply for projects provide by businesses, if their proposal is accepted they get paid or offered a job, plus the Business reviews submissions, rates students and writes recommendations to the students for their hard work! Businesses can choose to continue to work with top students. Dave Savory Interview

2) Accelerator Okanagan

is the tech accelerator that provides the necessary tools, disciplines and structure required for success, in an innovative not-for-profit, zero-equity-stake model that works better, in a place where people live better. Programs 1. Receive the fundamental startup skills Pair up with a lead EiR who will coach you through a structured growth program. RevUP – early growth stage An intensive six-month program designed to accelerate your growth potential

3) Spare A

carpooling service in Vancouver calls itself ‘Carpooling in the 21st Century”. Spare Rides is a new innovative app that is changing the way people commute. You need to log in using Facebook that gives some people comfort. It allows you to share your commute with people travelling in a similar direction. Riders get matched with drivers within the app and pay for a portion of the cost of the trip. This allows for a more social, sustainable and affordable way to commute!

4) RentMoola

just won Metabridge’s “Start-up of the Year” in Kelowna. Metabridge’s tagline is CONNECTING TECH ENTREPRENEURS TO SILICON VALLEY. Fifteen Start-ups got the opportunity to pitch their companies in front of esteemed investors and influencers at last weeks Metabridge tech retreat in front of over 300 attendees. Vancouver-based company RentMoola, a service that allows customers to pay rent by debit card, credit card or online. Philipp Postrehovsky interview

5) Launch Academy

Committed to helping early-stage tech startups in Vancouver become the next big thing through world-class education and mentorship. Since 2012, we have led the effort to help over 400 early-stage startups to get off the ground. To this date, they’ve collectively raised over 85 million and created more than 750 jobs. Ray Walia Interview<

6) MatchSpread

is an online corporate FX exchange rate aggregator and provider, committed to helping companies buy and sell currencies by offering exchange rates from multiple brokers.

7) The BCTech Co-op Grants Program

is still offering limited grants for students hired in 2016. Grants are available for tech companies or non-tech companies with a student in a hi-tech role. The grant is worth $2700 for your coop. – companies must be established in BC and have less than 99 employees