Marketing and Online Services

Marketing and Online Services

Vancouver Entrepreneur wants you to be successful whatever your business goals are or whatever industry you’re in. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of web and online marketing services delivering professional and functionable websites that are all mobile friendly. Our main services focus on our key areas of expertise, including: Brand Development, Advertising Concepts, Marketing Plans, Website Design, PPC Marketing, Vancouver SEO Marketing Services, Blog Articles, Affiliate Programs and Boost Event Marketing.


All our premium services are custom designed in order to offer tailor-made services that are fitting for your business. We work with a broad range of professional industries and have extensive experience of adopting our design services to suit our different clients’ needs.


Brand Development

We will create a brand for you starting with name development, creative concepts and logo design all the way to execution of the new name.  We also will develop creative briefs and brand style guidelines so you can set your new brand and company into motion, that stands out in the crowd and starts making you revenue.


Advertising Concepts

If you’re looking to launch an ad campaign but not sure how to start, or how to create an effective ad that will generate sales, then let us come up with creative ad concepts that you can use for a wide variety of communication strategies. Go ahead and launch a new company, sell a new product or service and we’ll create a succesful ad campaign that will  delivers results.  From concept to completion, we’ve got your ad campaign concepts covered and for every budget.


Marketing Campaigns

Need to develop a marketing plan but not sure where to start?  Coming up with an effective marketing plan that has direction, objectives, strategies and a creative plan that make sense, can be a lot of extra work.  That’s were we come in.  We will review you goals and create a marketing plan that you can implement which will generate sales and awareness for your companies’ products and services.  We can work with any budget and come up with a marketing plan that you can take your company to the next level.


Affiliate Programs

Looking to increase traffic to your web site and make money from all that new traffic?  Don’t have a huge advertising budget. We can help. An effective affiliate program that sells your products and services is the best way to go. We will implement an affiliate program into your current web site or create a whole new affiliate program brand for your company. We can also manage the affiliate program, track and recruit affiliates so all you have to do is sit back and watch the revenue roll in.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a critical part of your business’s digital strategy. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of how to use social media to achieve your objectives such as building brand awareness, sending quality website traffic, generating leads and driving sales. We will build a strategy to drive engagement with your customers and target new audiences. We track, monitor and report on your social performance and provide data-driven insights to optimize campaigns.


Content Marketing

Creating timely, relevant and valuable content is essential for attracting and retaining customers. We can help you develop a clear content marketing strategy that will generate buzz around your brand. Our specialists will build and manage content calendars, produce creative campaigns and ensure your website best represents your products or services.


Email Marketing

Effective email marketing will drive traffic to your website, increase brand exposure, grow sales and will help build your customer relationships. Our specialists are experts at creating striking email subject lines, providing engaging and informative content and driving significant results. We will manage your contact lists, segmentation, subscription preferences and provide activity reporting showing subscribers stats such as open rates and click-through rates.


Website Design

Our web design service works with you to build functional, professional business websites. In addition to ensuring that your site has an appealing appearance, we will also ensure that it runs quickly and efficiently. We work with you to create a stunning website design that perfectly complements your business or brand.


Pay Per Click Marketing

Our professional PPC marketing and management services offer a start-to-finish service. We carry out necessary keyword research for your ads, ensure that the best platforms are used to increase your visibility, while also driving prices down to reduce your budget.


SEO Marketing Services

We have a long history of working with websites for a full range of SEO related services. These include keyword implementation, content creation, as well as many other important backend services such as meta titles, page descriptions and more. Our professional teams make use of the finest SEO tools available to give you the best returns when investing with Vancouver Entrepreneur.


Blog Articles

Our high-Quality blog articles have a huge impact on traffic into your site, can establish you as an expert within your field, and work as an effective SEO tool, too. Our professional content writers will create and curate unique blog posts and web content, custom made to reflect the unique personality of your business.


Boost Event Marketing

We offer events marketing for long-term regular clients, as well as one off events. Whether you run workshops, classes, or any other types of activity or event; our extensive marketing experience can help you to attract more visitors / customers. We will work with you to create relevant, appropriate, and professional campaigns that target the right audience for you.

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