As we all know, the Vancouver Lower Mainland is a special place that brings and inspires people from all over the world. The purposes of is to provide a central location for all local aspiring entrepreneurs or even accomplished entrepreneurs to come to find out what’s going on in the community and get the resources and inspiration they need from others. Most importantly it is to deliver insightful podcast interviews from all types of entrepreneurs and find out what makes them successful no matter if they are just beginning or have been at it a long time. Join our newsletter and stay up on all the news and find our what the local entrepreneurs are up to and you just might learn something new.


My name is Robert Szmigiel. I was born and raised in Vancouver, grew up here until I was 18, then moved to California and got my degree in Marketing and Advertising from San Jose State University. I have been working abroad and recently just came back to the west coast. I’ve been an Internet Marketing Manager for over 10 years working internationally for companies in Canada, Costa Rica, Antigua, Malta, US, Brazil and Panama. I have won several international awards for my work on brands and marketing and now I wanted to bring all the experience I have worked some of the brightest entrepreneurs in the world that have built small, medium and large companies.

In all the places I’ve worked, coming back to Vancouver, I’ve seen and met a whole new breed of entrepreneurs and that are determined to make a difference in their community and create products and services that are making an impact to the world internationally. The intention of this website and podcast is to bring out the Vancouver entrepreneurs/businesses to the rest of the world, or just like me when I was traveling, reaching out to fellow “Vancouverite’s” who are working or travelling internationally and they want to stay in touch with what’s going on in British Columbia.

This is the place to do just that. Whether you’re at the gym, going for a walk, driving in your car, waiting for a plane or listening at home, you can get some insight to some of the brightest minds and innovative in businesses that Vancouver has to offer.

I’ve started lots of businesses, failed at some, was successful at other, kept going and started another. This is a new venture for me, and if I’m going to write, profile and interview entrepreneurs in Vancouver, then I better be one.

So, as this business starts and grows, everyone can watch it progress and just like a pet or plant, we can all be witness to one another great BC company develop over the years and say we were there since the beginning and watched it grow through the years and stages just like any business transforms.

Thanks for coming along and joining us in our journey to give the entrepreneurs, businesses and province a global voice most importantly for joining me and our fellow Vancouver Entrepreneurs, we hope you stay with us and listen to what they have to say, or even better, get inspired to become one.